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Laura Spokes

I am a perfectionist and maintain a creative streak in everything I do. I allow my visual imagination to run freely in what I see the end result to be.

I allow my creativity to come through in my cooking, which I love to experiment with. The entertaining is the part I love the most as it allows me to feel fully at ease in my own decorated environment.

I enjoy doing art and travelling around the world, which I have done since I was a very young.

I love being a mother of two lovely girls and being involved in all the work and passions. Being part of a close family is what I enjoy.

Originally Italian from both Italian parents I have lived and travelled extensively around Europe and Africa.

Amongst the sports I enjoy are kite boarding, water skiing, scuba diving, tennis and horse riding.

I really enjoy doing charity work as it gives me a sense of accomplishment, especially any work done for animals in distress.

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Laura incorporates many styles and themes.

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